Maisonnette Bistro: Discover the flavours of Quebec in our food!

The proud province of Quebec is the home of many world-class dishes. Its cuisine is deeply rooted in its rich history and unique culture greatly influenced by its French-speaking community. It has also been influenced by many foreign cultures from the Americas, Northern Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Maisonnette Bistro: Regional cuisine

Throughout the rest of Canada, in the northern United States and all over the world, Québécois cuisine is known for its French influences as well as the Canadian truism of using maple syrup. Check out some of the best regional dishes you should try in the Maisonnette Bistro.


It is a world-famous Canadian dish that is made up of crispy fries and flavourful cheese curds, topped with a rich, brown gravy. To make this heavenly dish more decadent, you can opt to have different kinds of toppings added to it. You can choose from pulled pork, bacon, and other smoked meat. 

Soupe aux pois

It is a yellow pea soup dish that is a well-loved comfort food of the locals. It is traditionally composed of peas, pork, and a selection of herbs. All of the ingredients are blended together to make a thick and creamy dish that is perfect to get through the cold Canadian weather.


Are you looking for a hearty dish to fill you up? Tourtière is the best dish you should try at Maisonnette Bistro. It is a savoury meat pie that is most common during the holiday season. It can be made of minced pork, veal, beef, and other seasonal game along with potatoes and some spices.

Maisonnette Bistro: Bread and desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the bread and desserts offered here at Maisonnette Bistro. Maple syrup is usually the star of the dessert dishes in our menu. Treat yourself and see what you should order next!

Montreal-style bagels

Unlike other world-famous bagels, the bagels in Montreal are sweeter, denser, and thinner. They are baked in a wood fire oven that gives them a unique flavour along with a generous coating of poppy or sesame seeds. 

Tire d’érable sur la neige

Canadians love their maple syrup! Get a taste of this sweet syrup in a traditional treat prepared by pouring boiling maple syrup over snow. Due to the drastic temperatures, the syrup hardens until it can be rolled up with a popsicle stick. The result is a rich maple taffy with a soft and gooey texture.

Pouding chômeur

Its name literally means ‘unemployment pudding’ because it was first made in the Great Depression by female factory workers. However, it is still a filling dessert that will lift your spirits immediately. Get a taste of this dessert cake topped with a layer of maple syrup or caramel.