Best milkshakes you should try

Milkshake is one of the best desserts you can brighten your mood. With its milky and creamy taste mixed with fruits and other flavours. Here at Maisonette Bistro, we offer a wide range of milkshakes that you can enjoy. 

Just recently, we launched our new milkshake flavours just in time for the summer vacation! Moreover, we also created a new menu of snacks to make your milkshake experience more enjoyable! Here are some of them: 

Cookies and cream milkshake 

Made of crushed Oreos and creamy vanilla, this milkshake will give your sweet tooth a run for its money. To make it more exciting, we added a generous amount of chocolate syrup topped with rainbow sprinkles. Balance out the sweetness of this milkshake when you order our fries and burger combo! 

Chocolate swirl milkshake

Also known as the Black and White milkshake, this drink is one of the most popular versions of milkshake. Usually, it’s made of chocolate syrup blended with milk then swirled before serving. You can pair this milkshake with snacks like potato wedges or chips to tone down the sweetness. We add a strawberry topping for this drink to create a fruity twist. 

Chocolate chocolate milkshake 

If you want to treat yourself to a bar of chocolate, our double chocolate milkshake will give you the fix you need. Made of chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup, this drink is perfect when paired with a banana dessert or a mellow vanilla lemon cake. 

If you want to upgrade this drink, you can choose from our toppings such as brownie bits, chocolate cookies, chocolate syrup, and candies. 

Peanut butter milkshake 

If you want to upgrade your regular shake, our peanut butter milkshake is something you should try. Topped with a generous helping of speculoos, this shake adds a nutty flavour that will add an interesting blend to your drink. You can pair this with potato chips or a cheese tray of fries to balance out the taste. 

Mint chocolate milkshake 

If you want to tone down from the sweetness, you can try out our mint chocolate milkshake. Made of chocolate and broken bits of milk chocolate, this drink is an exciting beverage during hot summer days. Moreover, the mint adds an interesting texture to the overall flavour of the drink. You can pair this with a burger and fries. 

Coffee milkshake 

If you’re a coffee lover, our coffee milkshake is the perfect drink for you. Made with vanilla, chocolate, and a generous blend of coffee, this drink will satisfy your coffee cravings. This drink is best paired with lemon cake or banana bread. 

Butterscotch milkshake 

Butterscotch milkshake is a classic drink that has a rich, sweet, and a little touch of salty flavour. If you want a shake that’s not too sweet or bland, this milkshake is the perfect drink for you. This drink is best paired with fries or a tray of chicken tenders.