Maisonnette Bistro: Get to know us more!

Maisonnette Bistro is a mirror of the proud province of Quebec. We are a restaurant that serves eclectic regional cuisine deeply rooted in the rich history and unique culture of the Canadian province.

Experience the heritage of Quebec that is open to the world, sharing and gaining a diverse blend of customs and ideas. Without losing perspective of the past, Maisonnette Bistro looks forward to the future and everything that it can offer and add to our growing cuisine.

Here at Maisonnette Bistro, we pride ourselves on promoting and nurturing a place of exploration for our kitchen staff. It is a space where the passion and imagination of our head chef and his team can be experienced in each dish served in the bistro.

Discover the aroma and taste of home carefully blended together with a diverse selection of cultural influences from all over the world. Not only that, the bistro can be your second home in Montreal, Quebec. Experience a one of a kind gastronomy refined by a spirited team of cooks and served to you in a warm and unpretentious atmosphere.

Maisonnette Bistro: Our mission and vision as a restaurant

Quebec is the home of dishes that are widely known throughout the rest of Canada, in the northern United States, and abroad. The long list of Québécois dishes can be traced back to the earliest years of the country when French settlers made a home in Quebec.

As proud Quebecers, we at Maisonnette Bistro have taken it upon ourselves to care for the province, both its past and future state for a present full of possibilities. We put all our effort into preserving the heritage of Quebec in the face of social and technological change. 

Be that as it may, Canada is a melting pot of cultures as different people from all over the world come and make a life here. That is why we freely welcome the influences of cuisines from other countries. 

Here at Maisonnette Bistro, we aim to provide a space of camaraderie and great food in Montreal, Quebec. We strive to build a community with the great people of Quebec and even foreign travellers who want to experience our proud province.

To do this, it is not just our goal to serve the unique flavours of Quebec but also give you the complete dining experience in the bistro. From booking a reservation up to finishing your meal with us, we intend to give you only the best. 

Our waiting staff are trained to give you the best dining experience. Our accommodation extends to your every need and request from reservations, allergy notices, vegetarian and vegan options, and more. Enjoy the Québécois hospitality in the bistro. The boasts a modern market kitchen while the dining area has a diverse mix of local and high-class designs.